How to increase volume of speaker without amplifire?

I have f&d f3800X 5.1 speaker. 5 satellite speakers are of 10 watts and the sub-woofer 30 watts. All works fine, but the rear pair of speakers makes low sound. Can i change the speakers with high watt speakers to get more sound?

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seandogue21 days ago

Unless your amp can deliver more wattage than the speakers are designed to drive, probably not.

FWIW, One way to increase the effective volume of a smart phone or small single speaker gizmo like a bluetooth speaker is to place it in a cup or bowl, which in part can act as a resonator and in part as a directional element.

Toga_Dan26 days ago

sit closer to the speakers.


iceng26 days ago

Maybe you can find a more efficient speaker and get more sound energy..

But experience is bigger speakers are less less efficient as the wattage goes up !

+1 You may be better off and cheaper trying to improve the enclosure.


I have only 15W in the front and 10 in the back but enough power to make the windows vibrate.
But then again, a single speaker of mine was close to $200 when they were new....