NiCd / NiMh charger circuit schematics help?


I found this schematics on the Instructables. So my question is, will this charger stop charging when the battery reaches voltage of 1.4V? It won't overcharge my NiCd battery?

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Picture of NiCd / NiMh charger circuit schematics help?

Depends on the position of the pot marked R. With no load connected, adjust it to read the cell voltage you want. It won't work below 1.2V, but you should be OK at 1.4


iceng6 days ago

If you want a higher current dual V,I adjustable regulator..

Click the pic to see the whole image.

lm317-5 amps-power-circuit.jpg
Zhuna87 (author)  iceng6 days ago

Thank you a lot, but I need to charge individual cells, with current of about 400mA.