what things are needed to make a robotic police dog ?

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jfryar3027218 days ago

To build any sort of robot, first you need a basic idea of what you would like it to do. That is not provided here, so very little help can be given.

rickharris29 days ago

Realistically it all depends on how much you want to spend.

You could be into $100,000 and have nothing to show for it.

You could be into $1000,000 before you get anywhere and still not succeed.

It all depends on what your definition of a robot dog is.

this is state of the art.


Another superb vid...

Actually, having seen it I want one :-)

As would I, because it is as graceful as the Girl from ipanema... Ahaaaaa

If I take him for a walk do I need a poop scoop or a byte scoop?
In a few years we will see them as guide dogs....

It's only a puppy, he is only eating Nibbles. You only need a bit of a scoop.

Toga_Dan29 days ago

do you want this dog to byte


iceng Toga_Dan29 days ago

I rather think Syed Mustafa does not know his question is active..

iceng1 month ago

Deadly Force, Anti Hack remote firmware off switch, IR Laser scan self orientation, light weight, Quad battery system in feet, 3D sound detect sys, vibration det, moisture det, temperature det, thermal mammal det, IR - UVision, Mouth manipulator, Drug hypodermic CO2 gun, remote audio video all status and sensor data, and lots more if U want to Know ?

14 to 16 actuators for movement, servo or stepper motors might do for some joints too.
Well calibrated sensors for the various drugs and explosives out there.
Independent battery system with multiple charging options.
Fast RISK processor to deal with all the code, sensor info and movement.
Maybe some artificial jaws and teeth with enough clamping force to hold a person.
Well, and of course a steroscopic camera system to process distance and dimensions of objects, preferably with a nice tracking algorithm in the software.
Some faux fur to make it look more natural.

Toga_Dan1 month ago

electronic nose. Skip everything else. Carry in a sachel.

Not a clue. What do you think ?