How to make amplifier using (2) LM4440 ic maybe bridge !

Hello , i have a circuit board, having all element,

I want to make a good amplifier using 2  lm4440  ic, as given in the images,

Please help me to find music input connection, speaker output and dc input,+ -

And also tell me is this best for high bass,

Please find all circuit diagram,

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iceng21 days ago

I cannot help people vvho are blind !

MannuH (author)  iceng21 days ago

then go to H..

iceng MannuH21 days ago

Wow.... Mannu the demon telling me where to go...

Did you ever click the picture and have a sighted person compare it to the original circuit ???

MannuH (author)  iceng21 days ago

thx for respect, but i didnt found ic pin (leg) no.4 and 8 in ur image, as my ic have total 14 pins, and if u dont want ro help mine then simply say sorry, thx again for respect( i m demon )

iceng MannuH21 days ago

When a pin on a 14 pin IC1 is not shown it is a you understood no_connection...

MannuH (author)  iceng21 days ago

this is the thing u need to mention first, because i didnt know it first,

At last , can u tell me where is c1 in diagram to increase value,

And tell me voltage and uF of capacitor , that need to replace to increase bass. And sorry again i m demon fknn begineer, so, i'll take time to understand

If you lack or vital and bsic skills to build this circuit then it would be wise and logical to start with something smaller.
Get a ready to solder kit or something to work on breadboards and learn from there.

Sorry to say but what would be the point if we explain it all but you have no clue how to check your results or at least understand what the circuit is doing.
Get some ready to go amps and make musik with them and while listening to it do some easier stuff first ;)
Before we landed on the moon we learned how to fly ;)

MannuH (author)  Downunder35m21 days ago

i m not doing this for fkin learing.. I have this board and i only want to make amplifier, not fkn doing soldering, i better know, btw i m asking to iceng ,not to u, ok !!! Moon monn etc etx..

Watch your language dude, your attitude stinks to say it nice.
You want help but refuse good advise and give insults instead.
Go ahead and do your thing your way but don't expect anyone here to help you more than what we already did ;)

MannuH (author)  Downunder35m20 days ago

I thought u leave anger in the past year, but it seems, still little bit u have,

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