Microsoft Photodraw - does anyone use it any more?

I have Photodraw 2000 on my computer from several years ago - I copied it onto my newer computer and I use it all the time to add text, borders or effects and to correct old photos or erase backgrounds.  I use my photos for various purposes, for teaching and family use, so it's good to be able to do lots of things with the photos in just one simple program

I love Photodraw- it has so many uses and is easy to use. I never got the hang of using layers as in (which I've tried ) and Photoshop (which seems so expensive and complex).

Does anyone else still use Photodraw or am I hanging on to a dinosaur here?

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Puzzledd (author) 2 years ago

Re-sizing images - here's a quick way to re-size your photos so they will open in PhotoDraw (it's an old program from when photos were smaller, and the maximum JPEG size it can manage is 2500pixels).

If you have Office 2013, it will no longer include MS Office Picture Manager; you can download a free copy of SharePoint
Designer 2007
and install just the MS Office Picture Manager component; it's a good quick program for basic photo editing, including very a useful 'midtone' adjustment as well as the usual contrast, cropping, rotate, red-eye etc.)

1. re-sizing in MS Office Picture Manager.jpg2. re-sizing in PD_labelled_cr.jpg
DawnB14220 days ago

I use Corel with a Wacom tablet. I'm also new to drawing so whatever you learn from your question would be interesting for me to read up on. Check out, its where I actually started drawing and a lot of artist are on there and you can even battle them, stream live, and so much more.

Puzzledd (author) 10 months ago

OK got rid of 2 of the issues I had !

1) To remove the prompt to insert PhotoDraw Disc 2: select Tools> Options > uncheck prompt to insert PhotoDraw Disc 2 (see pic 1 below)

2) To remove the file size restriction of 2500 pixels: select Tools> Options > change Picture Quality to Professional, Compression Level to None (see pic 2 below)

pd REMOVE PROMPT_TOOLS-Options-file locations.bmpPD pic quality changed to.bmp
Puzzledd (author) 10 months ago

PhotoDraw works on Windows 10 :) Even fixed the 3D problem!

I've just installed PhotoDraw2 on my latest computer with Windows 10. There were a few issues and it said it was not compatible, but I persisted and it's working. I had to restart my computer before it would save the files as .jpg or .gif, and it still keeps asking me to insert Disc 2 despite my clicking the ‘ignore’ and ‘don't show me this again’ buttons - a minor problem.

I manually copied all the extra files from the disc folders (CD2) into the photodraw folders on my computer, so that I would have the full range of textures, edges etc.

the only thing that was missing was the 3D fonts, but I even found a solution to that online, and now they work beautifully! (Microsoft Answers- download install d3drm.dll at and place it in the folder C:\ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Office \ Office).

PhotoDraw works on Windows 10.jpg

The disk problem could be related to Windows not realising the program is installed correctly - or the program missing this info in some config file.
I had similar issues with multivolume installs of old stuff a lot of times.
Like you I just prefer some of the oldies ;)
One trick that almost always works is to copy all install volumes onto a USB stick.
Often there are empty text files as an ID or it is the volume name the installer asks for - but only if the next install file can't be found!
If all volumes are present it will just continue to do the work and finnish without any error.
Really old programs or programmers like to include a finnish command into the install routine for the program.
A simple way of checking if all really is complete from the days where the OS did not care about such things.
If the above did not help try to copy the program folder from and installation on an old OS into your new program folder.
All identical files can be ignored but if there are .ini files .cfg files or similar textfiles then check them and compare the contents.
If you are really lucky then it is as simple as one file missing - the one the installer should create to let the program know it finnished correctly.

Puzzledd (author)  Downunder35m10 months ago

Wow, thanks Downunder35m - could be a good solution there! A friend is having trouble with his installation on Windows 10 so I'll suggest your options to him. Thanks heaps :)

NissarA11 year ago

I have a developed a portable version of Photodraw v2 with addon disk-2 and all the features which work fine on window8. If anyone need any information it mail to me.




MartyD111 year ago

Hi There,

I am a big fan of PhotoDraw - so easy to use! Used it since first release of version 1.

However, as time moves on, less features can be utilised, and version 1 stopped working altogether some time ago.

Still using version 2, but functionality like 3D effect wont work etc.

Good to hear someone else out there uses this!

Puzzledd (author)  MartyD111 year ago
Hi Marty, nice to see another fan. I still use PhotoDraw2 every few days or so. Shame about the 3D, and I find it's a bit messy to get the full range of background etc., but do-able. I wonder if anyone has a work-around for the 3D issue?
I'm hoping I won't have to change to Windows 10 anytime, as I suspect that may be a step too far for PhotoDraw, and my life wouldn't be the same without it ;)
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