Premium membership problems

I have been given the premium membership which I redeemed. I could see all the extra tabs in my profile, like discussions, stats etc.
When I came back to Instructables one hour later that has all disappeared and the page (when I click on "You" in the upper menu on the right). I m new here so I might have overlooked something, in any case I will be grateful to everyone who could tell me why all the new stuff just went away. 

tvorivamama (author) 1 month ago

Yes! That's it! Thank you very much, I guess one can really tell I'm new here:D

Thanks again!

tomatoskins1 month ago

Everything looks great with your account. I'm assuming the "new stuff" you are referring to is our old you page. You can find it here: You can still view it and wander around there, however it is quite buggy as it hasn't been updated in over a year. All features found there are available under our current You page found by clicking You > You.

Hope that helps!

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager