Whistle for Tea Kettle? Instructable anywhere?

Hoping for help from the bright and zany folks here. I'm going to ruin my beloved Revere stainless steel kettle. I keep putting it on the stove to boil water, getting sidetracked by a project and forgetting about it until the water boils dry and I am seriously cooking that metal. You see there is no whistle to remind me it has come to the boil! Has anyone created a homemade whistle for a tea kettle or would someone consider creating such an instructable to help out this poor soul? My kettle and I would thank you!

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romdos15 days ago

Plus one on the Revere kettle. You would think they would have made it with a whistle for such an expensive line of cookware! I keep boiling mine dry too. I'm wondering if you could make something out of Fimo clay that would work.

SFHandyman9 years ago
Goodwill, or another charity shop. Using a whistle isn't that bad. I wouldn't want to someone else's old teapot but I'd certainly use the cap.
Goodhart9 years ago
I never have, but a whistle is not hard to make. All you need is a hole for the air / steam to pass through, and a cavity of some sort for the air to fill and "whistle past". Here is a very quick drawing of what I mean....
GearMaven (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Thanks for your thoughts on this. I understand the technology behind the whistle, just haven't attempted to make anything like this yet. Appreciate any thoughts on what might work.
GearMaven (author)  GearMaven9 years ago
Ooh, and I've found someone's patented a tea kettle whistletea kettle whistle.
That's it exactly. If you can't manage to make one from scratch, have a look for those gag whistles that are made to push in the end of a car exhaust, they work the same way.
bumpus Kiteman9 years ago
:O What is this 'Gag Whistle' you speak of?!
idk old (T12) fluorescent lamps used to be the fun thing
I imagine they play merry wossis with modern engine management systems!
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