Introduction: Alexa Echo + ESP 8266 = Smart Power Plug

This instructable use ALEXA ECHO direct control ESP8266.

My server just support authorization ESP8266 to Amazon server.

My server do not backup your data.

Vote for me :D Thank you!

Step 1: Requirements

Picture of Requirements



Step 2: Flash New Frimware

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1. Unplug ESP8266 from module

2.Connect module to USB to Uart module:

GND -------- | GND TX | -------- RX
------- | IO2 EN | -------- 3V3
GND ------- | IO0 RST | -------- BUTTON -------- GND
TX ------- | RX 3V3 | -------- 3V3


(IO0 alway connect to GND -> ESP8266 goto flash mode after reset)


3.Flash my firmware

  • Download my sketch:

  • Open in Arduino IDE, and change:
    • wifi_ssid: your wifi name
    • wifi_password: your wifi password
    • control_password: your secret password
    • friendlyName: your device name
    • ip/gateway/subnet: ESP8266 IP static for NAT
  • In Arduino IDE. Select Tool:
    • Board: Node MCU 0.9 ()
    • Upload Speed: 230400
    • Port: Select your USB to Uart port
  • Hit Upload icon (before hit, press reset button in step 2)

4.Connect ESP to module again

5.Connect power plug

Step 3: Config NAT & DDNS

Picture of Config NAT & DDNS

We need open port (default 666) to control from Amazon server to our ESP8266.

I just illustrated with my router. You can find out how to open your router port on the internet and open TCP port 666 to the configured ip in step 2

if you do not have a fixed ip. You must use a dynamic domain name. You can find many free DDNS service providers.

Step 4: Control by ALEXA ECHO

Picture of Control by ALEXA ECHO

1.Enable my skill named "ESP8266 Smart Power Plug

  • Alexa app > Select menu > Skill
  • Search Skill named "ESP8266 Smart Power Plug"
  • Click to Skill
  • Click ENABLE
  • Login with your Static IP or DDNS domains (include your port - default 666)

2.Discover device

  • Alexa app > Select menu > SmartHome

  • Click Add device and wait 20 seconds
  • Now you can see ESP8266


"Alexa, turn on/off <your ESP named in step 2>"


Stevieg1978 (author)2018-01-11

Hi this looks really good but I cannot locate the Alexa skill you refer to

ductin (author)Stevieg19782018-01-17

It now live. You can search it now :)

ductin (author)Stevieg19782018-01-12

I just submitted my skill. It may take a few days for you to find it.

ductin (author)JosephZ112018-01-12

You can edit my sketch a bit. My relay controller module via uart. With sonoff you can be direct controlled by gpio

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