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Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth Car Control 4 X 4

Project Application steps:

1. Install “Arduino Bluetooth Car Control” Application from below link:

2. Download Connection schemmatic, insallation steps .and Arduino .ino code from link:

3. Connect your devices. (It's explain at below)

4. Download Arduino .ino code to your Arduino Uno card.

That's all.

(It takes just one hour.)

Step 1:

Montage Steps:


- 1 X Arduino Uno

- 4 x DC motors.

- 1 X L298 Motor Motor Driver Card.

- 1 X Bluetooth Module (HC-05, HC-06 ect.)

-1 X Batary or Powerbank ( 9- 12 volt) (You can choose this according to your car's power )

- 4 X LEDs

- 1 X Buzzer

- 2 X 1kΩ Resistors

- 2 X 220Ω Resistors

- 1 X On/Off Switch

- Wires.

Step 2:

We install this device.

Step 3:

Take these components for 4 X4 car as above .

Step 4:

Make a plan for component layout

Step 5:

Soldering Motor wires and install the motors to chasis

Step 6:

Connect the Arduino - Motor Driver – Bluetooth module.

Step 7:

Soldering LEDs and 220Ω resistor and buzzer.

Step 8:

Connect the Arduino - On / Off switch – Buzzer –LED’s.

Step 9:

If you want, we can close the upper cabin and screw it.

That’s All.

The mechanical assembly is finished.




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