Autumn Wind Blow Wire Tree





Introduction: Autumn Wind Blow Wire Tree

Epilog Challenge 9

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Epilog Challenge 9


  1. Copper Wire 22 gauge (855 metre)
  2. Cooking pot or any thing having diameter of 33 cm.
  3. Masking tape
  4. Wire cutter.
  5. Wool gloves (just to protect the hand from harshness).

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Wrap the wire around cooking pot.
  2. Take it off.
  3. Cut from one side.
  4. Make it straight.
  5. Take only 6 wires.
  6. Measure 15 inches from one side and twist this part.
  7. Do this to all rest of the wires.

Step 2:

  1. Now grab all the wires together and twist them all together (only that 15 inches part).
  2. Split for the branches. At first I have make 3 main branches.
  3. Split again and again.

Step 3:

  1. Tie the last end with masking tape so they don't open.
  2. Now set the direction of main branches.
  3. Then start splitting them till the end of corners. Just grab bunch of wire and twist them till the end, don't split them two much they will make mess.

Step 4: Roots

  1. Open masking tape from the end.
  2. Split the wires for roots same as we did for branches.
  3. Now twist small portion and take out some wires from both sides and again twist, again take out some wire. Do this till end.
  4. Twist the side wires and spit them from the end.
  5. Finally move the branches to one side like wind turn them.

Step 5: Some Extra Images

I hope you liked this tutorial. If you have any suggestion and question feel free to ask.



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    5 Questions

    Did I miss something. What do you do with the first 6 wires you take off the original bunch?

    When I take 6 wires then measure 15 inches and twist this part. And again take 6 wires from bunch and did the same. I did this to the whole bunch. Finally gather them all.

    The twisted part becomes the trunk of tree and rest of the plan part becomes branches. we twist this part because when we gather them all the twisted part gives some bark like texture. May be attached video helps you a little bit otherwise ask it I will try to explain it again.

    I think I understand. You really do not remove the 6 wires, but twist them and leave them as part of the bundle. You then repeat this with another 6 wires and repeat until all the wires have been twisted. You then take the complete bundle (all wires) and twist them together. I think that will work. I suggest you put a wrap of tape above the 15-inch before you remove the 6 wires, and so on. The 6 wires remain in the bundle. I will do it and find out. The result is that the trunk of the tree has rougher bark than that above the 15-inch point. I have ordered the wire and will reduce the size by about one-half. Sorry I missed this during my previous reviews.

    I understand that you twist 15 inch of the 6 wires you remove from the bundle, but are they ever used in the final project? I do not see them mentioned later in the project. What is the purpose of removing them and twisting 15 inch of the 6 wires if you do not use them later?

    First open these two images (attached in comment) in separate tab or window so you will get complete view of it.

    Have a look at these two images. Did you find any difference. In the first image all wires are simple top to bottom. Now look at the second image, wires from the bottom till half (15 inches) are twisted.

    Lets suppose first image have all the wires and second image is empty.

    So I took six wires from first picture measure 15 inches and twist this part and then put it on second picture. Then again took six wires from first picture measure 15 inches and twist this part and then put on second picture. And did this until the first image is empty and second image is full.

    I know the way I have explained is pathetic, please don't think that I am mad. If you still don't understand ask it again.



    where to buy nearly 1000 meter (or 1000 yard) of 22 gauge aluminum wires?

    It's depends on your country. I can get it from electric store. This wire is used in motor winding. I have bought it in 10 dollar (900 meter). If you don't have much wire then you can also make a small version of it with the same proportion like if the size reduces, thickness should also be reduced. In this case you have to do some calculation before making it.


    Hi. Very nice art. I’ve a piano that I want to take the strings from and was looking for an idea. Have you every used old piano wire? Thanks

    I have no idea. I even did not see the piano wires but I think piano wire are made up of steel and its really hard to bend and twist it. Copper and aluminium are soft.

    Looks great. Spray paint it white and you have Nimloth, the White Tree of Númenor, from LOTR. :)


    Did you make this white tree? Is it graphics or 3D. It looks nice.

    Okayyyyyy now I get you point. You suggest me to paint Wire tree white so it will becomes Nimloth. Hmmm nice idea!. and you have attached this picture for reference.

    I've been making wire trees for about 30 years--shows how old I am, but you did a great job of showing me some new techniques to make them even more beautiful. Great job!

    I really feel good when some experienced person gives nice compliment. Thank you.

    what a great project. I learned to do this in 1978. Worked on for a tugboat company as a deckhand on the Mississippi River. I learned about it from one of the other deckhands. we used pieces of wire rope. we would take a 20 inch piece and hang it off the side of one of the barges for a few days and let the constant flow of the river polish it clean and then we twist it into trees. I think copper wire would look nice.