Bed With No Screws or Glue (160 X 200 Cm)





Introduction: Bed With No Screws or Glue (160 X 200 Cm)


In here you will get a few steps on how to build a very easy to make bed without using a single screw or a dab of glue. You're more than welcome to see my video on youtube with the build.

The whole bed stands on four 12x12 cm logs, 2 on one side, 2 on the other, with cut out grooves for 14 lets call them '2x4s' that are actually 4x7cm here.

YT vid:

Step 1: Collect the Materials

For the base I used 4 logs 12x12cm

For the mattress support I used 14 pieces 200 cm long that were sturdy enough to hold my weight when standing on them separately.

Step 2: Mark the Router Paths

Next I have marked all the marks on the base logs to cut out for the longer pieces.

You probably should use some guide for your router to make the grooves perfect.

I did not since it was my first time using a router and I really wanted to get to know it better.

Step 3: Cut the Longer Pieces

Using a stopblock and a miter saw I have cut the longer pieces to exactly the same size with a miter on 1 side.

Then I eased out the edges with a file.

The final dimension was just so the timber would sit hidden 2-3cm under the mattress, so it can't really bother you when you stand up from the bed or want to 'fall' on it

Step 4: Cut the Base Log to Lenght and Sand Everything.

Cut the base parts with a miter saw or a hand saw (my miter saw was too small for them)
Sand everything as much as you want. I just roughly sanded every piece so it wouldn't have any unpleasant areas. You can just leave it rough if it doesnt bother you.

Step 5: Assemble the Bed

When everything is cut and finished nicely just assemble the pieces and put your mattress on.

The assembly takes only a couple minutes and doesn't require any tools or more people.

I have slept on it for over 6 months now and it hasn't moved a bit. The base logs aren't screwd to each other either, they just lay one on another freely.

I found this design somewhere on Pinterest. If you can find it - let me know so I can contribute that person as well in here.

More details in the video:

Show me how it turned out for you and enjoy your bed!




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    Great project. I might have to try to build one of these for my kid when we move this summer.

    Awesome! Make sure to plan the height right, so kids can store something underneath ;) I made mine slightly higher than the Ikea storage boxes, but suit your needs.