Bike Trailer


Introduction: Bike Trailer

Make a fun bike trailer!

Step 1:

Cut your preference of wood for the trailer into

  • Four, 4 foot pieces
  • Four, 6 inch pieces
  • Three, 3 foot pieces
  • Two, 8 inch pieces cut on a 45 degree angle
  • lay the 4 foot pieces vertically and 2 of the 3 three foot pieces horizontally at the top and bottom. space the 4 foot pieces out with the 6 inch pieces. screw them all together and screw the remaining pieces in to the desired side to make an arm to connect to the bike stabilize the arm with the 45 degree pieces

Step 2:

  • Cut two L brackets to 10 inches
  • Drill 4 holes in them each

Step 3:

  • Get two T brackets and attach them to the dead center of the trailer
  • Bolt wheels through them

Step 4:

  • Get a shop wheel and take the wheel out but keep the pin
  • Align the holes of the wood shop wheel with the holes of the L brackets
  • Bolt the attachment side of the shop wheel to the bike

Step 5:

  • Choose a decking material
  • Attach it to the deck of the trailer



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    maybe I should go on campus, and get some signage. Hahaha

    That looks awesome! If I hadn't just gotten bike trailer, I would totally build this.