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Introduction: Blu Media Robot


I start it with a mbot ranger from makeblock (robot kit), after I change for the megapi board and I connect it to my raspberry pi 3

for the part list you can buy from makeblock like me a the beginning , now I have a 3d printer (wanahoa i3 +)

and you can download the different part to print them on this website

I start the robot one year ago ,when I start robotic on my day off. I think all my script pyhton and arduino can be improve.

Step 1: Part List

for this robot you need

_ a raspberry pi 3

_ speaker

_ a ps3 cam

_ picoprojector

_battery for the both card

_from makeblock**


_ 4 encoder dc motor

_ 4 dc motor

_ 2 servo motor

_ me RJ 25 adaptator

_me 130 dc motor

_screw different size

I printed some beam from there and baught the rest

16x Beam0824-192

8x Beam0824-080

8x Bracket 3x3

8x Plastic Timing Pulley 90T For Motor

5x Plate 3 x 6

2x Plate 0324-088

2x Plate 135°

2x Track With Track Axle(40-Pack)

4x Beam0412-044

4x Beam0412-060

wood plate 3mm

Step 2: Building

1 step the base:

8x Beam0824-192; 8x Beam0824-080;4x Beam0412-044; 6x Plate 3 x 6; 4x dc motor

Take 1 Beam0824-192, and 1 Beam0824-080 fix together; do that with the 8 other.

now fix it together like on the picture.

2 step the chain:

follow the picture to fix the 135 plate and Beam0824-192; the wheel and the chain

You can see 10 white vertical beam there are 0824-192 :

you don t need all of them some a are for futur project you can use it to close the robot with wood plate or with 3d printing.

like you can see my both card are at the back right of the robot

after we have the different module for the both

module ultrasonic (megapi port 7)

RJ25 adaptater module for the 2 servo for the cam (port8 servo megapi, cam raspberry pi)

modulebluetooth (megapi port 5)

usb(megapi port6, just for hdd power )

and too finish the fan (raspberry pi on the 1 picture you can see there are 3 pin for the raspberry)

2 level

I use custom beam to make a second level (beam0824183.stl) if you don t have 3d printer you can cut that in the wood the dimension are 183mm x 24mm x 8 mm. after take any other beam scotch them together and make the hole at the same place. After fix them at the 7 hole from the bottom of the vertical beam at the back and the middle and you can put and a wood plate ( 18.5mm x 12.6mm x 3 mm) or do it at the 3d printer. Here we have the Hdd and the speaker. At the front the put the cam on the servo I use scotch to do it

to finish

I put a last custom beam at the top of the middle horizontal beam to put the pico projector **be careful with the cam at the front

in a first time I use wood plate to cover the robot like you can see on the last picture I start to add hdmi rj45 plug on the back cover

Step 3: Wiring

so I draw a schema it s more easy to understand

Step 4: Programmation

all the link in this part are tuto to help you

there is my arduino skectch(blumegapi) and my python script for the raspberry(

a scrpit for the fan and the lxdeshortcut script you will see in the tuto where is it in your rpi

for the rpi

It s on the last raspbian with kodi ,motion

after I create shortcut (it s better to do it yourself but you can use my lxde script)

Step 5: Futur Modification

I made the battery on this instructable


I will install jarvis to control the robot with the voice and kodi too


if have any question or way to improve my robot tell me

please, don t be too hard it s my first instructable.



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    That's a neat bot, I look forward to seeing the mods you have planned :)

    Sorry my english is poor I didn t understand neat. Tank a lot

    I don t know neat bot I will check on the web