Casting a Clock Using Skateboard Parts





Introduction: Casting a Clock Using Skateboard Parts

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I wanted a cool one of a kind clock for my skateboard themed room so this is what I made enjoy

Step 1: Materials

  • Casting epoxy
  • Plastic lid or mold of your choice
  • Cooking oil spray
  • Mixing cup
  • Numbers
  • Small skateboard scraps
  • Clock mechanism

Step 2: Place Parts

  1. Spray mold with cooking spray
  2. place the parts and numbers in the position you want them
  3. mix epoxy as directed on the label
  4. Pour epoxy over the parts and numbers I used enough to get a 1/4 inch

Step 3: Check Placement

I picked mine up to look and see if all my numbers stayed and they looked right I wasn't going for strait and neat just wanted a crazy looking clock

Step 4: Take Out of the Mold

  1. allow the resin to dry and it should pop right out
  2. Drill hole in the center and place clock mechanism in the hole

Step 5: Place It on the Wall

Add a battery clock is ready

Step 6: Admire Your Work

Take time to look at the sweet work you did!! also go vote for me!!!

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    I read through these but rarely "log in" to leave a comment unless something is really special. Today, your 'ible wins the prize.

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    Thanks so much instructables is weird I put a lot of effort into some stuff and it gets no love and then other stuff gets tons of hits and comments so thanks again