Introduction: Coffee Mixer

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making a small but powerfull coffee mixer

Step 1: Print It

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print the .stl files

Step 2: Part List

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i use

  • 1 AC transformer 220v to 2x15v
  • 2 capasitors 25v 1000uF, you can use one 50v capasitor
  • 1 motor from inkjet printer (i think is 32 volts)
  • 1 rectifier
  • 1 switch with two states

Step 3: Build It

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  • add hot glue at the holes from the bottom part
  • add the shafts
  • add the top part with not hot glue

Step 4:

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  • add a power cable
  • add the motor
  • add the transformer

Step 5: Add the Switch

Picture of Add the Switch

this switch is from a cd rom drive... (find a better switch)

Step 6: Connections

Picture of Connections

make the connections like the diagram

Step 7: Glue Them All

Picture of Glue Them All

add instant glue to the parts and hold them with tape like the pics

Step 8: If Needed

Picture of If Needed

make something like that if needed

Step 9: Like a Lathe

Picture of Like a Lathe

make it nice like a mini lathe

i use a clear cylinder, i think is plexy glass??

Step 10:

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Step 11: End

Picture of End

its ready to use now


follow me for more!!


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