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Introduction: DIY MacBook / Laptop Wood Support

Epilog Challenge 9

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Epilog Challenge 9

If you want to build a DIY MacBook Pro Wood Support, you can see this tuto. You can find sketchup plans at the end of this Instructables.

Step 1: Draw Lines in Your Wood Part & Cut It

You can see in the plans, the sizes for the lines, and the drawing part.

I draw the Two parts in the same wood plank.

After Drawing, you need to use a Jigsaw to cut the two parts.

Step 2: Cut 3 Battens, and Assemble the 5 Parts

You need to cut 3 Wood battens at the right size ( 210 mm )

After your cuts, you need to assemble the 5 parts like in the picture, with screw and a screw driver.

After the assembly, i used a special shade oil for my wood.

Step 3: Finish & File

After a few hours of waiting (only if you used a shade oil, or other), you can take your DIY LapTop Wood Support !

Enjoy !

If you need, you can download the Sketchup file to read/write/transform as you want.



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