External Power Button to an ESC





Introduction: External Power Button to an ESC

I build an electric skateboard and I need to add a external switch to my ESC to be able to put all my electronic in the same enclosure.

Part list:
-shrinktube (optional)
-hotglue (optional)

-ESC ( banggood : https://goo.gl/4n8kzB )

Step 1: Open the ESC

Very simple, unplug the wire for the fan and unscrew the 4 screws that hold the heatsink. After, with a screwdriver, remove the bottom part. Lift the last part of plastic to be able to see the little switch.

Step 2:

Solder the wire on the pushbutton. I put shrinktube to protect the wire and some hot glue to make the piece stronger. After solder the wires on each side on the ESC's switch.

Step 3: Close the ESC

I made two little holes in the top part of the enclosure to be able to close properly the box. Close the enclosure and your done!

If you have any questions about this instructable, feel free to ask me! :)



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Do you know if a certain button is needed? (momentary or latching) or does that not matter

I use momentary button and it works well

haha great!! I am building my esk8 atm too and had the same problem, thank you!

Btw now you dont need an antispark switch or anything right? because you can turn the esc on and off

If you plug a battery you need an antispark system, but once the battery is plugged, you can turn on\off you ESC. I already have a XT90 connector with antispark for when I plug the battery.

Yes I get that, I will use some xt90 antisparks to connecct the batteries and than turn the board on and of by using the button of the ESC