Introduction: Farm Style Wine Rack

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First let me start off by saying this wasn’t going to be an instructable, but I decided to do it after I built it. I am sorry about the pictures. Well here we go.

Step 1: Tools Needed

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Miter saw, table saw, pencil, tape measure, and drill

Step 2: Materials Needed

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Stain, 1 1/4 in trim screws, pallet wood, 1x4, rake head,

Step 3: Cutting Your Wood

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I made my wine rack at 29inX19 1/2in. So cut you 1x4s. 2 at 18 inches, 2 at 29in, and 1 at 19 1/2in. Then cut your pallet strips at 29 inches.

Step 4: Stain Your Wood

I used honey stain, I liked the color so I went with one coat. If you want to go darker wait until it dries and add another coat

Step 5: Build Your Box

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Take your 1x4s, grab one 18 and one 29 screw the 29 into the 18. Then do the same on the other side and build a box, or rectangle if you want to get specific. Then take your 19 1/2in board measure up 2in from the bottom and attach it. Then take your pallet wood and attach them on the back.

Step 6: Attach the Rake

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Find the middle of the box at the top and screw in the rake

Step 7: Adding the Wine and Glasses

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Once that is finished add your wine and glasses and impress your friends. I made this for a friend that lives in an apartment. She can’t hang it on her wall so it will go underneath her microwave. If you want yours to hang on a wall I recommend 2 hangers not one in each of the top corners

Step 8: Sorry

Like I said I didn’t plan on making this an instructable, so I am sorry for the pictures. Thank you for looking though.


dekeros (author)2017-12-26

Great design, and good use of that rake! :-)

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