Fresas Con Crema (Strawberries Mex Dessert)

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Introduction: Fresas Con Crema (Strawberries Mex Dessert)

"Fresas con crema" means "Strawberries with cream" and is a typical Mexican dessert.

Doing it is easy and the combination of flavors is simply amazing!

This flavor has been so popular that you can even find ice cream of Fresas con Crema and smoothies... Try it!

Step 1: Ingredients

  • 500ml of sour cream
  • 3/4 cup of sugar
  • 500gr of strawberries
  • whipped cream to decorate and serve

Step 2: Wash Strawberries

Wash strawberries with clean water and let them dry

Step 3: Mix Sugar and Cream

Mix sugar with cream in a bowl. You need to mix well to ensure the sugar gets incorporated in the cream

Step 4: Chop Strawberries

Chop strawberries into small cubes.

Step 5: Strawberries and Cream

Add chopped strawberries into the mix of cream and sugar

Step 6: Mix and Let Set

Mix strawberries with the cream and sugar preparation. Let set for around 20 minutes to get a richer taste of the strawberries. You will even notice that the cream looks pink after waiting a while

Step 7: Serve, Add Whipped Cream

Serve in individual cups. Add whipped cream and a piece of strawberry to decorate

Step 8: Enjoy!

You will love the combination of flavors! Super easy and delicious




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