Have you always wanted the power to transform yourself at will? At our secret Instructables base, we've developed a classified program that will mutate you from an ordinary human into a super-powered costume maker! We think you have what it takes to be our test subject, and all you have to do is follow these instructables to begin your evolution to the next stage of humanity. Are you in?

This is a collection of my Instructables that will walk you through imagining and designing your own character and creating a costume for your new identity! Learn how to design, fit, and sew your very own spandex supersuit on a home sewing machine, and explore techniques for working with EVA foam and Worbla, two fantastic costume making materials that will let you create unbelievable accessories to complete your secret identity.

Whether you're making a superhero character, or designing some other costume, the techniques and materials in these instructables will be a great addition to your costume design utility belt.