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Introduction: How to Make a Modular Queen Storage Bed

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This queen sized bed is constructed of 6 main boxes, and four drawers, providing plenty of storage. The idea here was to make a modular bed made up of several boxes which could be transported individually in a car or up a set of stairs, and then put together on location.

Step 1: Cutting Plywood

For this build I'm primarily using plywood. I had some nice mahogany plywood on hand, which I decided to use for all visible parts, and then I'm using regular 3/4 and 1/2 inch plywood for all other parts, desguised with mahogany edge-banding. That way, the whole bed will look like it's made out of mahogany, although it only actually uses a little bit.

Cut List (w/ metric)

Step 2: Boxes

I started with putting together the main boxes - and there are four of these, using pocket screws. I'm using simple construction methods for this build, and this is where I think pocket screws are perfect - the boxes come together quickly, and it's nice and sturdy.

Now on the front edges of the plywood, I'm putting on some mahogany edgebanding, and this is what will be visible from the outside.

Step 3: End Section

For the end section of the bed, I decided to go with a more open concept shelf. And for this I will use some mahogany plywood, as well as a post on each side, which is actual wood, and I'm just cutting that to size. I'm also curving the corners, for a smoother look, and so you won't hit your toes on any sharp angles.

Those end sections I connected just with glue and some brad nails, and then I added some nails for re-enforcement. Since the inside of these will be visible, I didn't want to use pocket screws, I wanted a clean look.

For support on the sides here I'm using two mahogany posts, so just cleaning the pieces up a bit with a hand plane.

Step 4: Support Pieces

Now the edge banding really makes a huge difference, and I put it on all the plywood edges which will be visible.

Next up, a little light sanding on all the boxes, and on the edges of the edge-banding. Still working on the end sections of the bed, I fixed the spot for the posts, and then secured with glue and brad nails. These pieces really add a lot of support, and make this section so much stronger.

For a finish on all the boxes, I'm using a water-based polyurethane, which is nice because it dries quickly, and leaves a nice finish.

Step 5: Routing the Drawer Pieces

Now, let's move on towards the drawers!

In total I'm making four drawers, because the bed will be pushed against a wall, so all the drawers will be accessible from one side. If however, you're building a bed which will be positioned in the middle of the room, then you could make eight drawers, four for each side.

I started with routing the grooves for the inside pieces, where the bottom piece with slip in. Since I'm making four drawers, there were 16 pieces to route.

Step 6: Connecting the Drawers

Now to connect the drawers together, I'm using glue and brad nails. I'm gluing in the bottoms too, since it's plywood and won't really expand and contract, and I'm using a 1/4 inch prefinished maple plywood for the bottom.

Step 7: Drawer Slides

So here are the main boxes, on top of each other, with drawers inside. I also added a divider piece for the main boxes housing the drawers, as well as some bottom supports, against connected with pocket screws.

To connect the drawers, I'm using some really nice long 24 inch drawer slides, for full extension, so just attaching those to the drawers, and then the other part to the inside of the box.

Step 8: Drawer Fronts & Hardware

For the drawer front here I'm using some of the mahogany plywood, so positioning that right, attaching with glue and pin nails, from both sides. And then I'm adding clamps while the glue dries.

Next, hardware! Finding the center, and measuring the marks, then drilling the holes and securing the screws. I chose some oil rubbed bronze pulls here.

For a final finish, I'm adding some of my tung oil wax polish, on all the outer sections, so the drawer fronts, all the edge banding etc.... and this is just to give it that super smooth feel.

Step 9: Assembling the Bed Together

K, so at this point, the shop is really crowded and I'm ready to assemble this bed together!

So first of all, I have a new headboard to match here, and this build will be in another instructable coming soon.

Now I'm basically attaching all the boxes together. I started with connecting the drawers which will go against the wall, then I continued with the end section, and then the front areas. It worked fine to transport the individual boxes in the car, and since they are simply screwed together, it would also be easy to take them apart if you ever need to move the bed again.

Step 10: Conclusion - Watch the Video

For a much better perspective, make sure to watch the video that goes over all the steps of the build.



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    Linn, I have been contemplating building a storage bed that I can still attach my headboard and foot board to and really appreciate you sharing this. I think I should be able to adapt this to my needs. Guess I'll need to check out your videos to see what else I can use. Since i have nightstands on either side I still need to rethink the space under the head of the bed. Might be a good place for seasonal bedding so I don't need to access it often. Thanx.

    4 replies

    I was just referring to adding more wood to left and right side to hold a shelf not widening the pad. I like the replacement pads... making that seasonal is a great idea!

    I am planning on making a wider headboard that will hold a shelf to replace my nightstand. Just as a thought

    That's a good plan, however, I love my cherry four poster headboard and plan on making a removable padded cover with nail-head trim for it just to update it a bit and I also love my nightstands that have storage drawers. I figure if I plan on retrieving seasonal bedding I'll just rotate my mattress at the same time and just use lift-off or hinged covers for access to under-bed storage at the head of the bed. Might also be a good place to hide stuff too.

    This is beautiful and elegant. I'd consider either half moon drawer pulls or cut out handles, because personally, if there is a sharp edge or corner anywhere, I will bang myself on it. Looking forward to seeing the headboard build.

    I definitely need to make this for me and my wife. I will as soon as I get the head board video. Looking forward to ti.

    Thank you for taking the time to document and share your work! Great job!!!

    I am planning on making something similar the only downside is the drawers near the headboard leave no room to place a nightstand for charging phone iPad etc. a suggestion would to mimic the other end so that it matches but have nothing in it or to add a shelf onto a larger headboard. Still it gives me ideas thanks for a great build!

    Really like the concept. Think I'm gonna scale it up to king size. I'll keep the drawer dimensions the same, with them on both sides, but add a door at the foot of the bed for access to the void in the middle.

    I am definitely going to make this. The only change I will make is replacing the drawers with open sides all around. Even with some more support beams, it should create a nice "floating bed" effect. Great video, and impressive work.