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Introduction: Keychain Flaslight

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Learn how to make a DIY, pocket-sized flashlight to pair with your Key Chain!

Step 1: Materials Required :

1: 5MM 2Pin Flat Top White LED Wide Angle Flat Head Light (got from a broken toy)

2: LR44-AG13-Button-Cell-Batteries (same broken toy)

3: Push Button (lying around)

4: Wires

5: Iron-Solder

6: Bottle Cap


hot glue gun or any other adhesive.

Step 2: Knowing a Circuit Fundamentals

The larger leg of the diode is the '+' and the shorter one is the '-' one.

The flat side of the cell is the '+' side and the other one is '-'

Refer to the circuit diagram for wiring (Lamp refers to the LED)

Step 3: Getting Started!

  • Drill two holes on the bottle cap to get in the LED.
  • Drill a bigger hole on the side for the push button.
  • Connect those three cells and glue it inside the cap.
  • Solder the circuit correctly as shown in the previous step.

Step 4: Finalizing!

  • Glue a base to it - so it looks nice
  • And your bottle cap flashlight is ready!
  • Pair it with your keychain.

Step 5:



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    It might be possible to simplify the design even further if had a 3V LED and a single 3V button cell battery.