Liquor Rack





Introduction: Liquor Rack

I have seen a few similar racks and decided to make one suited to my needs.

Step 1: Find a Suitable Pallet

Just about any pallet that is in good condition will do.

Step 2: Disassemble the Pallet and Stain the Pieces.

I used a sawsall to cut through the nails and to cut the pallet down. I cut mine at the first taper as this gave me plenty if room to work with. I then stained (with the kids help) the boards. I used "gun stock" for the uprights and "golden oak" for the boards.

Step 3: Base Plate and Shelf Support.

Take a narrow pallet board to fit the base and a wide board to secure the back. There should be little to no cutting required. I went for the rustic look. Next add your upper shelf supports. I made these high enough so I could fit a tumbler glass on the lower shelf.

Step 4: Face Board and Upper Shelf.

I then added the upper shelf. Once nailed in place, I secured the first and only face board. This is placed to both conceal the shelf supports and provide a lip for the bottles.

Step 5: Add the Last Two Back Plates.

Add the last two back plates and you're done. It should be noted that I didn't use a tape measure for any of this. I just kinda pieced it together and went for a rustic look. I did use Gorilla glue and a nail gun for a tight fit though. You could use a single color stain but again I like the two tone approach. Have fun and be creative!

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I really like the small shelf for the glasses. It looks great.

I really like this. Do you think it would hold up if mounted to the wall? is on the wall now

Woah it came out great, the stain is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!