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Introduction: Magnetic Pixel Poetry

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I've always loved magnetic poetry, those little magnet words people put on their fridge. My goal when I spot these in someone's house is to leave the most hilarious haiku I can come up with.

I got to thinking one day, words are great, but pictures are fun too. What would the picture version of magnetic poetry look like? After some cogitation on the issue, Pixel Poetry was born!

Here's how you can make a set for your refrigerator, cheaply and easily.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Get as many colors of spray paint as you feel like you need. I started out with primary colors, secondary colors, white, black, gray, and brown. Eventually I added some pastels as well. You'll also want a can of primer, the first batch I made had the paint flaking off. Primer will make sure your colors bond properly to the magnets.

You'll also need to collect a bunch of those flat, thin fridge magnets. Get them from mailers, the front of phone books, sometimes pizza joints will hand them out with their deliveries. I've been collecting them for a while so I had a bunch lying around.

You'll also need some newspaper to do your painting on, and a paper cutter. I don't recommend doing this with scissors, if you want your pixels regular.

Step 2: Paint!

Spray a coat of primer, let it dry, and then spray on the colors! Let 'em dry thoroughly before moving to the next step.

Step 3: Cut!

Using a paper cutter, start making strips from each magnet. I went with 3/8" (about 10mm). Turn the strips 90 degrees and start cutting squares the same width. With a little practice, I was able to cut about three strips at a time and still keep them nice and square. Your Pixel Poetry is done!

Step 4: Create!

Use your inherent artistic talents (or maybe a little help from google image search) and start making pictures on your fridge!

Step 5: Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! This is my first instructable in over a year so I hope I've not gotten too rusty.

The Pixel Poetry has been a big hit when I have people over. Every time I look there's a new abstract design or picture on my refrigerator door!

If you enjoyed my instructable, please take a moment to favorite, comment, and follow me. If you should make your own set of pixel poetry, post some pictures of the results in the comments and I'll send you a 3 month pro membership and a DIY patch for your profile!

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    Somehow I missed this, and then I saw one of your friends make a reference to it on Facebook, and I totally meant to look it up but then I didn't. Until just now. And I'm only here now because I just entered the costume contest, so really what I'm saying is that I only visit Instructables for totally selfish reasons and I'm viewing this as an afterthought. I'm a jerk. But your Instructable is really cool. Did I mention that? Maybe I should have led with that. I'm a terrible writer as well as a terrible person.

    1 reply

    No worries, glad you liked it!

    nice one. to save time one could buy magnetic sheets as well.

    Great and simple idea. Love it !

    My favorite pixel art pictures are the space invaders aliens....!

    I don't know why, buy I simply love things that are pixelized! This is super great :D

    1 reply

    Pixel art is fun, and the barrier to entry is really low to those of us who feel only marginally artistically talented. Glad you liked it!

    Every time I see her I get hungry for pop tarts!

    Hey hey, long time no see!

    I love this idea. Going to have to start collecting magnets now! Really good to see a new project from you :)

    1 reply

    Thanks Sam, it's good to be back. Gonna try to be a bit more active on the site again!