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In training, the task consisted of building a truck to plan (unfortunately no longer available) was to cut; Files; glue; drill; threading; to bend; Solder etc. what you do in a workshop.
The truck was built quickly and soon I had too much time and I upgraded my gear more then in the construction manual

Have fun with replicating :)

Step 1: Groundplate

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Image 1:
The base plate of the truck consists of one Iron plate 130.6 x 40 x 10 with holes for: 1. On recumbent (M4gewinnde) 2nd side skirt (M4suction) 3rd axis M6 hole for countersunk screw 4. wheel arch M4 hole with countersink 5. Bore (M4 with countersink) to connect both parts to the front of the wheel arch

(Numbering I was looking at pictures)

Picture 2: The base plate of the cab consists of a Iron plate 40 x 60 x 10 with hole for: 1. Cab M4 lowering (other side same) 2. Wheel arch M4 hole with countersink 3. File off the bore for the steering wheel slightly beforehand to attach the drill

Picture 3: Both parts are put together so the remaining holes are used to remove the full material and I will use two of them later.

Step 2: Wheelboxes

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The wheel boxes are made of plastic (plastic)
Two pieces were glued to the left and right of a plate, which were then ground with the round arrows to form wheel arches Image 1: Rear wheel arch with center hole and M4 threaded hole for mounting the base plate Picture 2: Front wheelhouse, I shortened the two front pieces later to install a number plate Picture 3-4: assembled

Step 3: Axles and Wheels

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The axle
consists of a 20 x 45 x 10 and includes holes for the tires and for attachment to the wheel arch, since the back of the load is usually heavier double tires on the rear axle

Step 4: Cargo Area Cab

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The loading area is made of sheet metal and was trimmed with shears, then bent to a stable loading area in the middle are two holes for mounting on the base plate the leader house is made of aluminum, the windows were milled out by drilling and then filed with a lot of files straight and side-by-side. then two more holes for attachment to the already mentioned baseplate The spoiler was not included in the task position was built from abundance of time ^^ as well as the notches in where the exhaust finds its place, these in turn are anchored in the holes at the beginning for the removal of the full material (at the base plate) served. Everything else was extras which I built myself in the aftermath because I had too much time so that the truck was actually ready everything else I have built to it

Step 5: Additionally

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For front and back I have produced number plates
which I have equipped with an engraving front ^ ^

behind the number plate is recessed because I still think of a trailer :)

The attachment I made so that it fits on the base plate between the wheel arch and base plate

The trailer consists of an exact copy of the loading area of the truck as well as the structure of the axle and the tires.

As a trailer clutch, I've used the attachment of the license plate I have built the trailer coupling from welding wire and soldered in the trailer

Step 6: Finish

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its finished


MrCraft (author)2017-12-17


blkadder (author)2017-12-17

I like it. It reminds me of projects we had to accomplish when I was in a metal working program in high school. We had to bend, weld, and pretty much do everything you have listed here. You should put up a technical drawing with the measurements to help others make one of these. Thanks very much.

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