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Introduction: Newspaper Jewellery Box

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hello everyone, i am here with my instructables! a jewellery box of newspaper...... yes of newspaper. its super easy and useful. you can put inside you makeup or jewellery inside. you can put you brushes or more stuff. i hope you will like it. please give your valuable reviews. so here we go.





2mm thick paper board


bamboo screwers

cardboard box

corrugated sheet

paints: red and black

Step 1: Making Parts

first of all we have to make paper straws for this, so for that take a bamboo screwer and start rolling it from corner. make it 4 to 5 mm thick. make many of them.

Step 2: Making Semi Circles

with that straws make 2 semi circle with it.

size: length 8cm and height 4cm

make a semi circles with paper board of same size. stick them on 2mm thick paper board and then of same size corrugated semi circles.

Step 3: Making Top Part of Box

take 2mm thick paper board of size 8mm by 24cm

bend it and tie it with rubber bends to give it a semi circle shape.

put it like that for 10 minutes.

stick semi circles on two edges of paper board.

take paper straws and stick it ends on down side of the top part. sticks total 8 straws on equal distance vertically.

take paper straws start weaving it horizontally. on the first raw straws will be on top of even numbers and pass from down of odd number straws. in second row sequence will got change to even numbers down and odd numbers up of straws.

cover it doing this and stick the ends with the help of glue.

Step 4: Making of Down Part

now take a cardboard box of size 8cm by 24cm.

make the same weaving pattern on it.

and cover the edges with glue and paper.

Step 5: Making of Circular Roles for End

take paper straws and start rolling it and make 4 rolls of equal size. it is for giving height of box.

Step 6: Assembling of Parts

take 2 rectangular pieces and stick it inside of box in the manner that it can hold both the top and bottom part and can open from 1 side.

colour the edges with black and box with red colour and let it dry.

make a box little smaller then this box to fit it inside this box for neat and clean look. make it with 2mm thick paper board.

and stick that 4 rolls on the down part of the box. each on each edge to give it a height.

now your jewellery box is ready and you can put you stuff inside it.



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thank you so much.

It could be used for other things, too ... I'd never been much good at paper-straw weaving, but I'm gong to have a go at this one ...

ya you can definitely use it for other things, and thank you for your valuable review

Fun jewelry box design. I am definitely going to share this with my daughter.

it's my pleasure to know that. thank you for your appreciation..