Introduction: Outdoor Weather Station for La COOL Board

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I show you how to do a cheap Casing for La COOL Board wich can withstand some quiet rough weather and includes also a Solar panel that can power the station without the hassle of recharging (if you live in an area with enough sunlight ;)

What you need:

  1. COOL Board
  2. Empty Coffee Can with clear plastic top
  3. 6V Solar Panel
  4. some cable and adapters for the solar panel
  5. Lipo Battery (~2200mAh or bigger)
  6. Cutter with a new knife
  7. Screwdrivers
  8. Some hot glue
  9. Some Tape..

Step 1: Print the Support for La COOL Board and Prepare the Can

Picture of Print the Support for La COOL Board and Prepare the Can

Print out the support for La COOL Board on your 3D printer. I also joined the sketchup file if you want to modify the print. Control if the COOL Board fit's the support, usually I have to cut a little the bottom due to a thicker first layer from my 3D printer.

Draw a square of ~13mm x 55mm on a piece of tape and stick it on the bottom of the can. Take care that you stick it as much centered as possible..

Step 2: Cut and Shape the Can

Picture of Cut and Shape the Can

Now cut it out a hole with the knife (or a dremel if you have). Don't cut to large and DON'T CUT YOURSELF WITH THE KNIFE OR THE CAN!!!

Now try to even out a little the bottom of the can and snap in the support. If you got problems cut two edges on one long side a little more and bend it inside ( see second photo ;). Then glue it in place (photo 3).

Once the support in place I cut out some ventilation holes where the air sensor is. please make at least one hole as big enough for the connector of the solar panel. I cut like 2-3 long holes with the knife (photo 4) and I use some old screwdrivers to bend them like some fancy air intakes (photo 5)...

You can "close" these holes and still let the air come through with some lycra or nylon covering or pushed in the holes. This is efficient against most Insects how are not in swarms. If some africain red ants might attack your weather station go for a industrial grade solution.

Please consider also to drill 1-2 little holes in the bottom. This permits eventual water to flow out of the can.

Step 3: Plug Everything!

Picture of Plug Everything!

First off let the COOL Board with the LiPo battery plugged in over night to give a good initial charge. If it will rains for the next two weeks won't be a problem.

Be sure that the connector from the solar panel has a 2.5mm hole (We did this to prevent people plug some 12V power supply...). Often it's quiet impossible to connect it inside the can or you have to cheat a little by removing the protection of the plug and bend it gently.

Since the board is only awake when it measures it consumes much less then what the solar panel can deliver. This weather Station will have energy till the lipo dies. With a fresh 2200mAh LiPo Battery I got up to 4 weeks of autonomy without solar panel ;)

I hope you enjoyed and ill next time,



Swansong (author)2018-01-09

I'd love to have something like that in our greenhouse :)

LaCoolCo (author)Swansong2018-01-10

thank you!

we are actually shipping our first coorboard's right now. take a look here :

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