Paper Dress




Introduction: Paper Dress

By Jyotsna Shenoy

"Maddie remembered Wanda telling about one of her dresses, a brilliant jungle green one with a red sash. "You'd look like a Christmas tree in that", the girls said in pretended admiration." -Eleanor Estes, The Hundred Dresses

Step 1:

Requirements: A square sheet of paper

1. Take a square sheet of paper and make eight vertically long equally spaced folds.

2. Take two extreme folds on one end and fold it inwards overlapping on one fold.

Step 2:

3. Repeat the same procedure on the other end.

4. That’s what it looks like after the step 2. and 3.

5. Turn it over on the other side up.

Step 3:

6. Fold it inwards in an exact half.

7. Take one half and curl it a bit so that one side is a bit smaller than the other.

8. Fold over the lines properly.

9. Turn it over again.

Step 4:

10. For the front collar, make the triangular folds as shown.

11. On the longer side, lift the flaps on both sides outwards.

12. Adjust the flaps on both sides carefully.

Step 5:

13.Turn it over yet again.

14. Fold both sides at the end as shown.

15. At the top centre, for the collar part of the dress, do the folds as shown.

16.That’s how the colourful side looks.



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