Introduction: Perfect Sign for a Gamer

Like many folks I like to kill time by playing some games on the PC. Well one of my favorites recently is PUBG or Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. It's a higher paced survival game based on a style called battle royal. Well that game inspired me to get out into the shop and make a sign for my game room!

Step 1: Find the Roughest Wood

Picture of Find the Roughest Wood

Most people would use pallet wood for this, I choose to use some old wood from a wooden swingset. This was the floor to the upper form area. It had some rot in it but I just cut those parts of with the saw.

Step 2: Cutting the Edges

Picture of Cutting the Edges

Using a fine tooth blade I trimmed the edges to prep for glue up. This would be the time to inspect the wood and come up with a game plan before you glue it up.

Step 3: The Glue Up

Picture of The Glue Up

After cutting around any rot, it's time to glue it up!

As you can see this wood has some colors in it. That's because a long time ago I made a pallet flag and thats the overspray.. haha (Watch)

Step 4: Cutting Out the Letters

Picture of Cutting Out the Letters

I know most don't own a CNC, this part could be done with a scroll saw (probably would be better than a CNC)

Step 5: Adding Metal

Picture of Adding Metal

I chose to use some leftover metal from my Teardrop Trailer build (Watch) that I had left over. To be honest I wasn't happy on how it came out but that's what led me to make it "rustic" or battle worn.

Step 6: Gluing the Letters On

Picture of Gluing the Letters On

After you mount the metal to the base you can then add the letters. I used super glue to attach it to the metal. Seems to be holding up pretty well.

Step 7: Hang It Up!

Picture of Hang It Up!

I used just some vinegar and steel wool finish to farther distress it but you could paint the letter orange too if you want it to be closer to the logo itself.

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did. I learned a lot from it and I love how it came out!



Buggybog (author)2018-01-08

Thats Siickkk

SouthernGinger (author)Buggybog2018-01-08

hehe.. thanks so much buddy! :D

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