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Introduction: Stampy Cat Hat

Minecraft Challenge 2018

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Minecraft Challenge 2018

Hi! this is my stampy from youtube cat hat, it has pixel looking eyes and a long tail! hope you like it!

Supplies: Yarn:

(I got red heart super saver yarn) medium 4 worsted weight 100% Acrylic (Same yarn for both kinds)

Needles:There are two different sized and look of duckies, the one on the left is done with 4.25mm needles and the one on the right is done with US3 3.25mm needles

Knitting Abbreviations: k=knit


k2tog=knit 2 stitches together


CO=cast on (add sts)

BO=bind off (taking sts off)


Step 1: The Pattern (main)


Co 82 sts orange

k 4 rows garter st (knit stitch)

k 29 rows st st

k2tog across and k last st

do k2tog,k1 across

k2tog across

sew in ends and tighten (fasten off)


Eyes: (make 8 black,2 light green,2 dark green,2 white)

Co 5 sts

k 5 rows st st



Step 2: Ears and Tail

The Tail:

Co 4 sts (more if wanted) in white

K 5 rows in white

CC to orange

K 36 rows st st



Ears:(make 2)

Co 10 sts orange

K 7 rows st st

K2tog,k1 across

K2tog across

Fasten off

Step 3: Ears Part Two

White part in ears:

Co 8 sts white

k 5 rows st st

k2tog k1 across

k2tog across

fasten off

And thats it! sorry there were not pictures at the end 2 steps but hope you liked it!

(you can adjust the pattern amount of sts to more or less for a larger or smaller size.)



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Remember to sew the white to the ears and attach it to the hat as well as the eyes