Two Tier Wooden Nightstand





Introduction: Two Tier Wooden Nightstand

Creating a two tier wooden nightstand using scrap woods

Step 1: Pick Out Materials

To build a nightstand that is eco-friendly, pick out materials of your choice. In this case, I have picked scrap wood from the wood shop and to recycle them into something useful.

Step 2: Cut Wood Into Dimensions

Figure out the dimensions before cutting the wood, mark the wood with a pencil, if you mark on tape it would not stain the wood and also make it easier to tear off the tape later. After measuring, bring your wood to the appropriate sawing machine.

Step 3: Work on the Legs

To create a second shelve, we will attach small pieces of wood onto the legs so that later we can place a flat wood surface on top to act as a shelve.

Step 4: Bottom of Your Nightstand

To make the nightstand stable, we will cut these rectangular shape wood to fit into the dimensions of the legs of the nightstand. Drill them into the table from the bottom so that screws won't show from top view.

Step 5: Attach the Legs Into the Table



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    5 Discussions

    Ah, you pimped this design a bit. Nicely done. I like the shape of the top.



    This can be a good guide for my project, a stand-alone stand for my single burner stove..can you give further details on the joints with pics..thanks.

    1 reply

    Details of joints including dimensions and pictures will be updated within a couple of days! Currently out of town. Stay tuned!

    Looks good. And probably several time more sturdy than anything that you would find in a store.