Wooden Fruit Bowl





Introduction: Wooden Fruit Bowl

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Wooden Fruit Bowl

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    Спасибо за совет. Дело в том, что я владею только русским языком. Считаю, что инструкция на русском вряд ли кому-то поможет. Будет гораздо проще посмотреть видео, там все понятно.

    If you want to win the contest, or be a finalist, I would suggest that you add an introduction, and also explain the steps in words. There are plenty of pictures, but I would suggest the writing out of steps as well.



    Looks fabulous. Well done!!! I can't really tell from here but perhaps it might need a larger diameter at the base. I don't mean to critize. I still think it great. :)

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    An absolutely superb and elegant looking project. Superior craftsmanship. Great instructable. Very impressive.

    HIGH 10.jpg
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