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  • 3D Printed Radio That Works!! Easy to Make

    Note that the point of wrapping the wire around the faucet is to attach one of the wires to ground. In a modern US home, the pipes are all plastic, so this won't work. However, large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines are grounded through the round prong of a three-prong plug, so you can attach the wire to a metal part of the appliance and it should work.

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  • MikeS373 commented on Lillyvilleky's instructable Aluminum Can Solar Heater12 months ago
    Aluminum Can Solar Heater

    You put a wide flexible tube (like for a dryer) from the top of the room you want to heat to the bottom of the heater and a tube from the top of the heater to the bottom of the room. As the hot air rises in the heater, it effectively pumps hot air to the bottom of the room.

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