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Hobbyist woodworker, working out of a 2 car garage. Lots of tutorials posted on youtube.


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    Make Accurate Dowels

    If it helps, my router table is built into the wing of my table saw ;)

    I didn't put "table saw" in the title, and it isn't showing up as having table saw in the title (I just titled it "Make Accurate Dowels"). If it was there, that'd be the Instructables editors. :/

    Router bit does the cutting in a router table, which the block is clamped over. Table saw is just to dimension the dowel blanks.

    Also in the list of tools I said the actual bit doesn't matter - size, shape, etc. I mean, don't use a bearing guided bit as that'd not cut so good. I used a straight bit, a round nosed bit might be less aggressive and leave a cleaner cut, or even a downcut bit (which you wouldn't normally use on a router table for safety) may be OK.

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