What's Inside an Instructables Prize Pack?

For a while, I wondered what was inside an Instructables prize pack. Now that I've gotten one, I decided to post the contents so that others know. An Instructables t-shirt (you can choose the size)A notebookA cardA tattooA pin2 stickers, one large and one small and roundAlso, a huge thank you to the Instructables team for organizing contests! YAY!

Posted by ProfessorPi 2 days ago

Overdriving led panels

Having trouble finding a 250ma 100w constant current led driver, has anyone had experience overdriving led panels, i was thinking of trying a 350ma

Asked by Kirkus77 2 days ago

Scooter blowing all bulbs.

I have a 50cc 2t CPI r scooter that blows all bulbs on low revs.Have changed the stater,regulator and resister.to no avail.anyone got any answers please.

Asked by NormanB26 2 days ago

Overdriving constant current led panel

Having trouble locating a 250ma constant current 100w led driver and was wondering if anyone has had experience overdriving led strip panels. Smallest i can find at that wattage seems to be 350ma

Asked by Kirkus77 2 days ago