Can a normally open on/off pushbutton switch close without the button being pushed?

Hi all,I'm not an electrician, now it's said.I'm building a device containing a small on/off (latching) switch. When the switch is pushed, the device is activated and remains active until the batteries run out. The device will only be activated once, and afterward it's discarded. This means that the switch will only be pressed once in its lifetime.The use of the switch is to press the button to make the spring drive the contact point to rotate and close the circuit.The device must not be unintededly activated as it could have severe consequences. The button is protected to prevent from this, but I need to know the probability that the switch itself closes, due to a failure.The manufacturer (Chinese) just tells me "don't worry" so I need a second opinion. Is there a way to estimate the probability over a 3 year period? Because if there is a risk at all, I might need to add an extra switch to create a "double commando".Thanks for your help./Karolina

Asked by karolina81 12 hours ago