Introduction: AirsoftTracker

The tracker is a device that collects the users location and send it to your phone throught bluetooth. The data that is send is formatted as a string. This data is then collected by the connected smartphone and send to the database using azure functions.

In this document we will go over the steps to setup a database, azure functions and an android project.

Step 1: Necessities

  • 3D printer
  • Arduino Uno
  • hc05 module
  • locatie module
  • Breadboard for testing/setup
  • Azure account
  • Xamarin
  • Blob storage account
  • Microsoft SQL server management studi

Step 2: Everything Arduino

Recreate the arduino setup as in the second picture.
Upload the code to your arduino

Step 3: Test Bluetooth

Using an android app that views bluetooth serial data, you should get something like this.

Step 4: Setup Database

  • Create your database in azure functions
  • Connect to your database through SQL server
  • copy SQL in a new query

Step 5: Download Local Function App and Sync to Github

  • Download my function app
  • Copy your database connection string and paste it in the function app in the local.settings.json file
  • create a new private github repository
  • sync the function app to the github repository using git add .
    • open cmd in the project folder
    • use git add .
    • use git commit -m "added project"
    • use git push

Step 6: Azure Functions

  • Create a new azure function (pick a location that is closest to yours)
  • Platform features --> Deployment options
    • Pick github and select your repository
    • sync

Step 7: Android Project

  • Download the android project
  • Open the android project
    • Open the model folder
    • Open the AirsoftManager.cs file
    • change every string url to your matching azure function URL
  • Save the project



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    Question 4 months ago

    Hi, what are the all the parts you used for this and what do you use as a power supply? I want to try to do what you did for an airsoft game.


    Thats super cool! I love airsoft

    is there a way for it to work for ios?

    That's a neat setup :)