Arduino Bluetooth Led



About: iam udayakumar,working as design engineer.

for this project you all need is arduino uno,bluetooth module,computer and some cable(male to female)

connect as in figure and send command to get an output from the module

you need blue tooth app ..which is already available in google playstore,,

SENA BTerm Bluetooth Terminal - Android Apps on Google Play

Step 1:

Wouldn't you love to switch on and off the lights in your house without having to raise a finger? (well, technically you would have to raise a finger or two, but you get the jist of the story). The good news is that you can. All you needs is an arduino, HC-06 bluetooth module, some relays and a little electrical know-how.

however, i am going to show you how to setup the HC-06, send some data to the arduino and receive and echo and control an LED via bluetooth. At least this should get you started, before you get to control the whole grid with your HC-06..

i have shown all output from my project.

if you send led is on then it glow

if you send led off then led is off.

this is just basic .you can use it in ur bed room as night light



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