Beyond Beginner Welding


Introduction: Beyond Beginner Welding

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That's it! You're officially dangerous enough to weld two pieces of metal together.

MIG welding is accessible at so many levels that many makerspaces and hackerspaces are beginning to offer welding equipment. To see if a hackerspace or makerspace near you offers welding, check out this list of global hackerspaces.

Step 1: Inspiring Instructables

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the world of steel and electrified molten metal, are you ready to take on a more complex project?

Learning to weld is a powerful skill in a maker's toolbelt! Here are some inspiring builds, projects, and techniques that are great for taking your welding practice to the next level:

Check out this diamond plate fire pit from Instructables author cammers.

This easy pot-rack project by YoseiI is a quick welding job that is an awesome space saving solution for any kitchen.

Make you own welding clamps with this Instructable by TSSJ-ryan.

Make a shelf that won't quit, EVER! ozymandias87 guides you through designing and building shelves for your workshop.

Kiteman takes commonly available steal stock and transforms it into a minimal, functional, and portable BBQ.

Instructables community author rrybarczyk goes over great technique for squaring and cutting in their steel box tutorial.

Now it's time to tell your DIY story! Share your welded creation with everyone by showing off your process in an Instructable! Perhaps you'll even be eligible to enter one of Instructables' fabulous contests, and win an awesome prize! Can't wait to see what you make :D

Step 2: Thanks

Thanks to the folks at Molten Metal Works in LA for letting me bang around in their shop and take lots of pictures while I developed this class.

Extra huge thanks to the Pier 9 shop staff for letting us take up so much space in the shop for a few days while we shot this class.

Ultra hugest of thanks to Trent Still and Paige Russell for staying late and being the best shop buddies a gal could ask for.

Step 3: Feedback

Thanks for following along! Hope you were able to build your knowledge of MIG welding and develop a skillset that will make you a little bit more confident in the workshop.

I'd love to hear any feedback you have about this class or see any resultant welding projects (or really anything) that came from skills you learned from these lessons. Reach out and say 'HEY!' .




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