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Introduction: Bicycle Mobile Charger

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Hello Friend , Due to maximum use of Smartphone battery will discharge very fast. so we need Mobile charger and Electricity. But When we are at Street It very difficult to find. In this Instructable show you that how to charge your Smartphone using Bicycle(Free Energy).

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Tools To Be Used:

  1. Drill Machine
  2. Glue Gun
  3. Zip Tie
  4. Spanner Set

Material To Be Used:

  1. Step up Booster: DC 0.9V - 5V to 5V 600MA
  2. DC Motor
  3. Small Wheel

Step 1: Making of Wooden Stand

In this Step we need two piece of wooden. Make the 2 through hole in wooden by drilling machine. This 2 hole is for Zip Tie to fix this Stand with the Bicycle. Put one Small piece on the other piece and stick with use of Glue Gun.

Step 2: DC Motor

To Produce electricity We Need Mechanical System. Here We Rotate the dc motor by bicycle Tyre. So we can Convert mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy.


Step up booster is increase the voltage so we can easily charge our phone. Follow below step.

  1. Soldering of booster wire with DC Motor.
  2. Put Glue on Wooden.
  3. Stick Motor on Wooden.
  4. Put Booster on the Small Wooden Piece.


To Connect this Assembly very tight we need Zip Tie. Tie the motor use of Zip tie inserting in drilled hole.


To rotate DC Motor we need a Small Wheel. This Wheel is Mount on the Motor Shaft. See the full Assembly on Picture.


Attach this Assembly to bicycle by zip tie. Small wheel is touching the bicycle tyre,If we rotate bicycle tyre small wheel also rotate and voltage is up by booster. Now you can Charge your phone using Mobile data Cable..

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    11 Discussions

    cool. simple idea. very nice

    I have a few improvement:
    - maybe it's easier if you're using an old bicycle dynamo (it became a generator with the regulator)
    - if you're charging a battery (or maybe a bigger capacitor also could be a good solution) instead of the phone directly, the charge is continously when you stop the bike.

    But I like the basic idea, thanks for sharing!

    I like the idea. If I was going to do this tho, I would put some permanant magnets on the spokes, and have them pass by a coil. Then there is no moving parts to wear against the tire etc.

    Many years ago I had a bike with a purpose-built dynamo (6V @ 3A, AC). I rigged it with rectifiers and a three-way switch so I could charge up my lights during the day and have them good and bright, even when I stopped at junctions. This was a long time ago - before LED lights - so batteries for normal bike lights never lasted long.
    But after running fine for about three months I suddenly had a blow-out. The dynamo had worn through the tire sidewall.

    I would suggest a wider wheel, about 1/4". Eventually, that skinny wheel is going to saw through the sidewall of the tire.

    Nice, you basically made a dynamo.
    The booster is an interesting part. If there are step-up/step-down converters that can work with a wide range of AC voltages (say up to 32V), it may be handy to connect one with an existing bike lighting circuit, if it's powered with a hub dynamo.

    I don’t say this often, but I am now legitimately going to look at making this. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.

    One day i put a motor ,scrapped from a printer. when i reach a certain speed, the led burn lol (i just attach the led directly). When speed up in a bike, will not burn the DC-DC?

    Nice. I need to make one of these for my bike in the spring.