Bronze Glitter & Bold Red Lip Makeup

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This look is perfect for the fall and can be made to be suitable for day or night time makeup. It is super easy to do and you will have so much fun to recreate. Hope you like it.


Step 1:

First you are going to want to apply your foundation and primer as usual. Then I went in with my concealer and applied this to your under eye, chin, forehead and nose and then blend it out with a beauty blender.

Step 2:

Then with your bronzing/contour palette you are going to want to shape your face. So you are going to want to apply this for your cheeks forehead chin and nose and then blend it out with your foundation brush to make sure there is no harsh lines and very blended.

Step 3:

Then you are going to want to go in with a light beige colour and blend this into the crease of your eye.

Step 4:

Then I applied a bronze shimmery eye shadow onto the lid and went over this with a gold eye shadow.

Step 5:

Then with a dark brown i blended this into the crease and went over it with a fluffy brush to make sure everything is blended.

Step 6:

I then applied a glitter onto the lid to make it pop.

Step 7:

Then you are going to want to apply a winged liner and also take this into your waterline.

Step 8:

Then with the dark brown eye shadow you applied into the crease you are going to want to blend this onto the lower lash line.

Step 9:

Then apply your mascara ready for your lashes.

Step 10:

Then using your brow products you are going to want to fill in your brows.

Step 11:

Then for this look you are going to need to apply a red lipstick to make this look pop.

Step 12:

Finally apply your favorite lashes and this look is done.



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