Build a Bed From a Sheet of Plywood





Introduction: Build a Bed From a Sheet of Plywood

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This bed is made solely with one sheet of plywood and the idea was to build something that was cheap, easy and that you could make with limited tools. In fact, if all you have is a circular saw and a drill, you could make this bed.

This build is a lot easier to put together than many IKEA furniture pieces are, so it's the perfect project if you're in need of a bed and you don't want to spend too much money, or get involved in too complicated a project.

Step 1: Cut List

I picked up the plywood from the home improvement store and I had them make two carefully chosen cuts so I could fit the plywood in my car.

Then I cut up the plywood to the following cuts:

  • Base: 1 @ 38 x 74 inches (96.52 x 187.96 cm)
  • Long Rails: 2 @ 5 1/2 x 74 inches (13.97 x 187.96 cm)
  • Short Rails: 2 @ 38 x 4 inches (96.52 x 10.16 cm)
  • Legs: 8 @ 4 x 13 inches (10.16 x 33 cm)

Step 2: Leg Assembly

After painting the plywood, it was time to put the bed together.

To assemble the legs I simply drilled and screwed one side to another piece of plywood, as the picture show. After this I spackled the screw holes and painted over those as well so you don't see any marks.

Step 3: Assembly of the Frame, Rails & Legs

To assemble the legs is very simple.

Start with marking out where to drill all around the base piece. Then drill holes, and place the long rails on the sides. It's helpful to put the legs in the middle for extra support. Secure the long rails with screws from the top of the base.

Then follow with the short rails.

At this point turn the bed upside down, and attach a leg in each corner, as the legs fit inside the rails.

Step 4: Conclusion - Watch the Video

For a much better perspective, make sure to watch the video that goes over all the steps of the build!



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    9 months ago

    I want to try this, but I have two alterations I need to make. First I need to make it for two people. Second I need to make a movable 15% (maybe less) angle to bring my head up due to Acid reflux.


    10 months ago

    Nice and well done job !

    Wow! Great job. I love it :) A point of interest, you might consider ventilating the matress by drilling small holes all throughout the surface of the bed platform. It's amazing (but not pleasant to think of) how much perspiration, etc. we release while sleeping. Just my humble opinion and idea. Cheers!

    I think you have to drill some holes in the bed otherwise, unless you turn the mattress every day, your perspiration condenses on the bed base and grows mould. Your mattress is quite thick though so maybe that won't happen?

    Great instructions, simple, straight forward project! Thank you! Perfect!


    10 months ago

    I didn't recognise the word spackled... but I guess you used some kind of filler :)

    1 reply

    Spackle is used on walls. It is a registered trademark filler paste. The act of using it is "to spackle". You would use a wood putty which dries and can be sanded.

    A pocket hole jig would add about $20 to the cost, but is really simple to use, and let's all your connections be hidden so no spackling. The joint is also more reliable, because the screw is on an angle.

    "Dog tested,
    "Dog approved!"

    I've been thinking about a daybed for my computer room and this looks so straightforward I'll have to give it a try!

    She stipulated 3/4".

    I am writting a comment just because you put a metric measurements, thank you for this.

    Thank you for a great idea and the video was very infromative.