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About: My Chinese name is 許英豪. My background is Electronic and software engineering. I have over 30 years design experience on the SmartPhone, Tablet and Digital camera. I love DIY!

I got a cat from my friend nemes "Tiger Jr." because of hers skin looks like tiger, she is so pretty~~

I have built a scratching pad to prevent any damage to my furniture and clothes.

It is taken 3 more hours to do this project, however, I am happy that my lady loved it!

Here is my works for you reference, let's do it!

Please donation to me if you like it, thanks.

Step 1: Material and Tools Preparation


1. Carton - as much as passable, get them from supermarket, please care about the clean and thickness.

2. Elmer's Glues


1. Cutter knife

2. Ruler - longer is better

3. Cutting mat

4. Pencil

Step 2: Base

Measuring the length of your pet and pick a suitable carton for the base.

Cut this carton as the picture, I set the base of Z-high as 60mm

Be careful when you cut the carton. You can use pencil to make a line first and then cut it.

Step 3: Make the Inside Plates

Measuring the length of the inside of the base you made of step 1 and use this wide sizes for to make the carton plates.

Be sure that the carton direction is in the wide, that will be more strong structure for the scratching pad.

I set the Z-high of plates as 20mm, mark them on carton.

Notices, please don't "cut off" the carton, please see the attached pictures.

Step 4: Folding Them Into the Base

Follow the cutting line to folding the plates, and put the glue on them as the pictures.

That will make the plates more stronger!

Step 5: Final

Stuffed all plates into the base and make them as full as passable.

The final step is put some heavy stuffs onto this scratching pad over 10hrs. to make the glue firmed.

Ha, my lady loves it~~~



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    10 days ago

    My cat loves these scratch boxes. I like how you did the folding for the inside but even more keeping the sides of the box which will help keep the scratched off cardboard from going all over the floor around the box. Great idea and improvement over the store bought ones! Edit to add she is a beautiful cat.

    Kink Jarfold

    13 days ago on Step 5

    I will now work on a cat scratch pad for my Smoochy. --Kink--

    Treasure Tabby

    Tip 13 days ago

    If I were you, I wouldn't worry about how "fresh" or clean the box is. The smells that come with used cardboard are a bonus for a cat. Cats love new smells. They are explorers by nature after all. Also if you need to use a lot of white glue, that can get expensive. There are some really great recipes that you can find here to make your own white glue and other types of glue. I already made some white glue using milk for a cardboard related project and its even much better then the stuff you get at the store. :)

    1 reply