Caterpillar D11 T




Introduction: Caterpillar D11 T

About: I love bulding wooden models!!

This is the how I start bulding this beautifull Caterpillar D11T!

Step 1:

This is the how I start bulding this beautifull Caterpillar D11T! This model has parts tha moves like the real one!!

Step 2:

Here is the progress of the back of the model and the caterpillars as well!! all these parts have been created only by my hands!! I dont have any specific tools!

Step 3:

And finally here is the final steps!! a lot of work and after 4 weeks I have completed this beautiful mode, Check the video for more guys!!

Step 4:



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    Thank you very much my friend! Did you see the video?? :)

    A nice finished product, but sadly, this isn't an instructable. It's more showing off than instructing on how to build it.

    1 reply

    Hello dear friend...because of its long build time if anyone is geting interested in those build i can share the way that i made it! Thats why i post some photos (120 photos to be excact) that shows who i build this model :)

    Really awesome! Nice work. Do you have others you have done? If so, I'd love to see them too.

    1 reply

    Thank you very mych darren ;) a lot of hard work but it worth it!!! Yes i have some more models to share with you guys ;)