DIY Battery Powered Solder Fume Extractor




This is a battery powered solder fume extractor. It works up to 3 hours per charge with just one 18650 battery.

The 3d printed parts are available to download at thingiverse:

Components you need to build the device:

Step 1: Building the Device

For very detailed build instructions watch the Youtube Video

First you need to print the case (Files on Thingiverse)

I made it from PLA. Infill settings are not important on this one. You can use the standart arround 20% infill. No supports and no rafts are needed. Once printing is done put M4 nuts in the corner pieces and glue the pieces into the corners with some super glue.

Second connect all the electronics

Connect it according to the wiring diagram picture or take a look at the Youtube Video. In the Video it is shown very detailed how to connect everything.

Third put everything in the case

Put the electronics into the 3d printed case as shown in the picture. Secure the components with hot glue or super glue. Dont forget the fan grill on the fan. This is not visible on the picture, but shown in the video. Its important to make sure the fan blades can spin freely and dont touch the carbon filter.

Fourth close the case

Carefully put both case halfs together. Dont crush any cables. Screw together the to halfs with M4x40 screw.

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8 Discussions


5 weeks ago

Made one and checked the regulator before even attaching the fan and it shows4v and the fan spins fairly slowly :(


1 year ago

Very nice design, I made one, but you forgot to add the protection diode on the step up converter. I knew it needed one and still managed to destroy my converter because I just wanted to give it (one!) try because I already soldered the Ventilator on its output. :)

3 replies

Reply 1 year ago

I already built two of these fume extractors and use them without any protection diode. I had no problems so far. Do you mean the inductance of the fan will kill the step up converter when switching on or off ?


Reply 1 year ago

Great Design thank you, it was a joy to build, but I can't use it without a protection diode, the back emf kills the switching mosfet inside the converter ic immeadetly. Since I have a lot of these switcher and they are really cheap and easily replaceable I tried it a second time without diode and it killed it instantly again. Measure the voltage, before 12 V , connect to fan 12V, turn fan of 4V.
Since the fan does still spin you might not have noticed your fet is gonesky. :) Just measure the voltage across the fan, at 12V he spinns a lot faster. :)


Reply 6 months ago

Hi, does this mean I have to add a 1N4001 diode between the positive output of the step up converter and the fan OR in parallel with the fan (cathode of diode to positive wire of fan / anode to negative wire of fan) ? Thank you for your help.


1 year ago

Awesome just wired mine together now waiting to print all the parts and for the filter!