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Today I show you how to make a simple Macrame Plant Hanger in a few seconds! It is great for decorating your home with hanging trays.

I can not believe how easy these gorgeous macrame planters were to make...using this lifehack..and only 1 string. You can also make it unique: Experimenting with different nods and ornaments.

Its not so simple to explain it with just a few pics. You can also check my video tutorial on YouTube here:

DIY Plant Hanger - Simple Macrame Tutorial - Lifehack

Step 1: You Need

All you need is only one string and a flowerpot or bowl.

Step 2: Follow These Steps

First: Make a knot at the ends of your rope/string

Step 3: How To...

Step 4: And Now

Step 5: READY

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    How do you keep the bowl from moving? My bottom kept slipping off and then I have to start over.