DIY Power Tool Storage W/ Charging Station




Introduction: DIY Power Tool Storage W/ Charging Station

Let's build this awesome power tool wall storage system. I had to organize my power tools in my shop, and decided to design and build this wall storage unit. This woodworking project is pretty simple to make, all made from plywood and 1 piece of pegboard. You can also add some stain and varnish for a final touch. I used imperial unit for this build but you can find all the metric dimensions below. Also, i added for FREE my SketchUp model, feel free to download it and modify it to yours needs. Happy Building ! :)


First, you will need to cut some plywood pieces. Here's a list of what you need. You can also download my SketchUp file for free here : . I made this project using imperial measurements but i converted everything to metric so use what's better for you! ;)

Plywood thickness is 5/8 (16mm)

[2X] 63"x15" (1600mm x 381mm)
[1x] 63"x7" (1600mm x 178mm)
[1x] 63"x1-½" (1600mm x 38mm)
[1x] 61-¾"x12" (1549mm x 305mm)
[1x] 61-¾"x6" (1549mm x 152mm)
[4x] 15"x12" (381mm x 305mm)
[2x] 38"x6" (965mm x 152mm)
[2x] 51-¼"x6" (1295mm x 152mm)
[2x] 18-9/16"x4" (472mm x 102mm)
[1x] 23-3/8"x4" (594mm x 102mm)
[1x] 36" or more x 6-¼" (914mm or more x159mm)

For the pegboard :
[2x] 48"x1-½" (1219mm x 38mm)
[5x] 36-¾"x1-½" ( 933mm x 38mm)
[1x] PEGBOARD (1219mm x 933mm)

Other :
[1x] Water-based Stain ( Black color )
[1x] Floor Varnish ( Semi-gloss )
[1x] Rust Oleum Spray Paint ( Color : Black Stainless steel ( it's just a darker stainless steel color) )
[1x] Kreg-Jig Mini for making pocket holes

Step 2: Making the Pegboard Frame

Now let's make the frame for the pegboard and glue the pegboard on it. Next, i will spray some black stainless steel paint and let it dry for at least 24 hours. During this time, i will make the bottom part of the wall storage unit.

Step 3: Making Some Pocket Holes for the Base

I want my base to be strong, so i'm making some pocket holes before the assembly. Then i add glue and screw everything in place.

Step 4: Making the Upper Part

I wanted to have adjustable shelves, so I use a template that I made for another construction to drill even-spaced holes. I will also put a fixed shelf in the center to prevent the vertical boards from moving apart.

Step 5: Sanding

This is the easy part .. Sanding . You could sand before assembling the pieces. At the moment of building this wall organizer, this Black & Decker sander was the only sander i had, so reaching all the corners was easy.

Step 6: Stain and Varnish

Im using some black water-based stain ( 2 coats ) and floor varnish ( 2 coats ) and 5 coats for the top of the bottom unit because it will also be used as a countertop.

Step 7: Assemble All the Pieces.

Screw the pegboard in place and screw the top part to the bottom using the pocket holes we made earlier.

Step 8: Installing to Wall

Now the last step, installing the power tool organizer unit to the wall. Make sure you screw it into wall studs.

Step 9: Charging Station

I also made a charging station with my 4 chargers. I hidden all the wires behind the board. Dimension may vary depending on the size of your chargers but my board is 24" wide by 12" high and 2" deep.

Step 10: Get Organized and Enjoy !!

Thank you for reading my instructable. You can also watch my complete video tutorial on YouTube :

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    14 Discussions

    Nice project and I am currently making one myself. Unless I am not looking at something right the braces for the pegboard should be 35 1/2" not 36 3/4" since they are going on the inside of the 48" pieces. Not a big deal since it was not a under cut and I can just trim them up but thought I would let you know. Again thanks for the write up and I will post build once done :)

    Wow! Even your tape measure is DeWALT!! I think you might have an obsession. :-)
    At first, I thought this might be the first commercially made instructable. Glad to see it's not. It did turn out real nice and I like the design!

    Good lord - what on earth do you do with that many power tools? I see you've left space for quite a few more...


    That's a lot of power tools from Dewalt (as mentioned). Just a little surprising is all.

    1 reply

    I am a little obsessed with dewalt too... At some point they had made a hybrid contractor table saw but now all they have is the little Job Site saws (of which I have... missed out on the craigslist post on a hybrid)


    6 months ago

    Very nice! One question, was the Porter Cable a gift?

    2 replies

    better than that, according to wikipedia both DeWalt and Porter-Cable are owned by Black and Decker... I'm partial to Rigid because of their awesome battery warranty.

    Back to the storage unit, it looks great!

    And Lexus is owned by Toyota and Bugatti is owned by Volkswagon but everyone knows the difference...

    DeWALT fan? Me too, all my power tools are DeWALT or milawakke

    1 reply

    How about your power strips? Are they branded too? ;)

    Starting to see a theme here...

    Very cool. How much is DeWalt paying you for this? ;-)

    That turned out looking absolutely fantastic. With a little, and I mean very little, tweaking you could use it as a floating entertainment center? After building this beauty first, of course. Thanks for the post.

    1 reply

    I actually thought it was a repurposed entertainment center before I clicked on it.