DIY Wireless Charging Neon Nightstand




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After taking the instructables LEDs and Lighting Class and learning about EL wire, I have loved using it in DIY projects. We made an EL wire lamp, and now we tried out EL wire in a nightstand. Check out how it came together!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Step 2: Gather Materials

  • EL wire, 15 feet (Amazon)
  • Wireless charger (Amazon)
  • Right angle USB-C cable (Amazon)
  • 1"x17.75" Wood round (Home Depot)
  • 18”x1” metal pipe1” flange1” pipe cap
  • Cement (Home Depot)
  • Velcro
  • Wood Stain

Step 3: Use a Router to Make Spiral

We used a couple of sewing tools, a tracing wheel and tracing paper to transfer the spiral pattern to the top of the table. We had the pattern printed at Staples where they do inexpensive engineering prints.

We outlined the tracing paper marks with permanent marker and routed out the lines.

This would be a perfect application for a CNC machine but can be successfully completed with a router.

Step 4: Make the Cement Base

To make the base we found a plastic bowl the size and shape that we wanted. We hot glued a metal pipe cap onto the bottom of the bowl--open side down.

After mixing up the Cement All according to the directions we added it to the plastic bowl.

We bounced it a bit to help the air bubbles travel to the surface.

Step 5: Attach the Flange to the Round and Stain Base

We added a metal flange to the bottom of the wood round and screwed the pipe into the bottom and top. It was at this point we decided to stain the concrete. Wonder how we found the center of the wood round? Look below for a quick how-to.

Step 6: Put EL Wire in Place and Done!

The EL wire was fitted into the spiral, the charger was put into place, and the battery box was velcro-ed into place on the underside of the table.

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