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At the 0054 video, we experimented using transformers from broken microwaves making a very strong electromagnet. This electromagnet is intended to be placed on the crane that we have already made in our workshop in order to be able to lift heavy, metallic objects.


Step 1: Transformers

To start the particular project, we removed the transformers from three destroyed microwaves. Then, we cut the upper surface of the transformer and we removed the secondary coil replacing it with the primary one. In this way, we turned the transformer into an electromagnet. The same procedure has been followed in all the three transformers.

Step 2: Flange

As soon as we measured the dimensions of the three transformers, we took a circular flange of 10mm thickness and 25cm long that was punctured in the middle in order to place a metallic noose and this is the point that we are going to use to hang our electromagnet on the crane. Around the flange, we conglutinated a metallic wrath made out of a bar of 5cm width and 5mm thickness. The internal sum of the height of the wrath is 4cm as it is the width of the bar minus the width of the flange.

Step 3: Connections

Afterwards, we placed the transformers in the construction, that has been already mentioned above and they have been conglutinated softly in order to avoid changing place at the following stage of the procedure. Next, we connected our electromagnets in a row and we estimated their electrical resistance in order to be aware of the right transformer for electrical supply. As long as the connections have been applied, we put supports on the sides at the internal part of the metallic wrath. Also, we checked if our electromagnets function well and then we proceeded with our project by filling up our metallic frame with resin.

At first, we put resin that is used at the fiberglass and then we used epoxy resin combined with black colour. The reason that we used common resin, initially, was because the epoxy resin is much more expensive. Doing this, we filled the gaps creating a very concrete construction increasing the electric performance and protecting the coil as well as our connections from any damages during its use. Due to the fact that the surface was now hard, we removed any unnecessary material from the resin and we used the milling machine to make the surface smoother.

Also, removing the unnecessary material from the fame, we managed to decrease the metallic height of the transformer, too. In this way, we achieved to increase the power of the electromagnets.

Step 4: Construction

Moreover, the particular construction is able to be moved anywhere out of the shop and be placed in various lifting machines as it can be electrically supplied by batteries and the crane stored in our shop is electrically supplied by a transformer 24v 15A as well as by batteries. The reason of doing that is for safety purposes as in case the electricity supplied by the transformer is interrupted for any reason, the electromagnet will automatically be electrically supplied by the batteries and not stop working. Therefore, the object that is held at the particular moment will not be dropped preventing any possible accidents. Additionally, an alarm has been applied to warn before the blackout occurs in order to fix the problem immediately and so that the object takes its time to be put down.

Step 5: Done

Every time the electromagnet works properly, a red light lights on the crane indicating that everything works fine. The strength of the particular electromagnet is impressive as in every experiment we carried out lifting more than 200kg, its performance was excellent without occurring any problems. The electromagnet should be normally electrically supplied by a transformer 48v 12A but because that was impossible to happen due to its high cost we used a transformer that we already had instead.

Finally, we believe that our electromagnet has the power to lift more than 600kg under ideal circumstances (thickness of a metal, efficient electrical supply, kind of material). Although, the particular construction is ideal to meet our needs, in the future, we might make a much bigger electromagnet using more transformers just for experimental purposes and to satisfy our personal desire!



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    Question 7 weeks ago on Step 3

    I'm at the point of wiring two, in a square holder for a drill press base. In regards to wiring the multple coils, are they in parallel or series? I would expect series as that would be higher resistance. But that leads to another question, the coils have a wire from the "inside" of the coil and one from on the "outside" of the coil. Is it better to go from the outside of one to the inside of the next one. I've also noted with a "compass" that it is possible to have both "North" or both "South" or one "North" and the other "South". I'm thinking that like a horseshoe magnet on should be North and the other South to create a stronger "attaction", but I really do not know... any help would be appreciated.


    Question 1 year ago

    It looked like Frankenstein when you first started making it and transformed into a U.N. giant degauser! Excellent.


    Question 1 year ago on Step 4

    What is a good power supply for a single microwave magnet able to lift 100 lbs. I bought a transformer 120v ac to 12v dc, 5 amp. It works only for a split second and shuts off a few seconds. Rinse repeat. Any help?


    2 years ago

    Very Nice......been a subscriber for a while now.


    2 years ago

    Awesome magnet! Good job


    2 years ago

    Why the female plug on electromagnet? I know it's only 24V but it's still against electrical regulations!!