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Introduction: Easy Pyrography Ornaments

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learn how to make easy ornaments with a cheap pyrography tool and some watercolour paint.

also very usable as gift tags.

the best part of it: if you don't like them anymore just fire them up - no waste no plastic

Step 1: The Pyrography Tool

i have a very basic and cheap tool - about 15$

and it works great for this project.

it came with different stamps, and tips which are quite useful.

besides the pyrography pen you'll need:

woodslices ( if you want to make them yourselves you'll need a dry log of wood, a miter saw, a drill and some sandpaper)


kids watercolour paint

decor snow or white glitter ( optional)

yarn for the hanger

Step 2: Prepare the Woodslices

I'm sure you can buy ready made wood slices for this project to skip this step,

but they are very easy to make, so if you have the tools available you should give it a try.

I used a birch firelog for the slices - it's important, that the wood you use is dry and not freshly cut ( green), that prevents the slices from cracking.

Drill a hole into the log - see the picture for position - in that way you only have to drill once and not every slice for itself - i chose a 3 mm drill.

Cut slices about 5mm thick - i used a miter saw for that.

sand at least on side of the slice fairly smooth.

Step 3: Draw Your Design

take a pencil and draw your design onto the woodslices.

you can use carbon paper if you need it to be very accurate - like symmetric snowflakes

I saw somewhere this adorable red fox and fell in love with it, so that one is my obvious favorite and the design i want to show you.

Step 4: Drawing Trees

load your pyrography pen with a tip similar to the one on the picture.

start by drawing the stem.

add a treetop, and branches on each side of the stem and work your way down.

use the same fine tip for the rest of your design.

Step 5: Adding the Starry Night

most of the designs i burned, look much nicer with a moon and stars.

if there's a moon-stamp in your pyrography kit you're half way there :)

if not you have to burn it by hand.

for simple and fast stars use a thin, straight tip and burn 3 lines.

see the pictures if unclear.

Step 6: Add Colour

bring your design to life with some colour.

i used cheap ( and at least 20 year old) kids watercolour paint.

- it worked very well.

paint the snow white, the fox orange and so on.

Step 7: Glittery Snow

i found some decor - snow somewhere in my drawers.

i like how it came out.

place the ornament on a sheet of paper,

add some glue on the snow-parts of your design and spinkle the artificial snow or glitter onto it.

the left over glitter can be reused with help of the paper sheet.

wait for it to dry.

Step 8: Add a Hanger and Decorate

i used heavy yarn and i like the rustic look of it.

now you can prepare your home for christmas!

i hope you liked the instructable!

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16 Discussions

Perfect! Thanks for the inspiration.


8 months ago

This is so beautiful ! I really love the fox design, too.

Thanks for sharing !

What a clever and creative project! Seems to me there are a number of Wood Badge critters in there (fox, bobwhite, owl). Hey!?!? Where's the bear?


8 months ago

This is a great project. Even if you don't have a wood-burning tool, you could paint designs onto the wood slices. It is a project that even the youngest artists can join in on. If the wood is smooth enough, parents could save their kids fingerprints and display them. Some could even be decorated with bits of felt, beads or stickers. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing.

1 reply

and it's a green craft - so much nicer than plastic ornaments :)

Well, great 'ible, Mimikry! I love foxes, too, and draw them endlessly. (I'm a Wood Badge fox!) Now I have one more project to add. There's no reason anyone should ever be bored for a minute with all the wonderful things to do in this world. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

1 reply

In Step 2, the instructions include the type of log used.

Thanks - thought it was birch, initially, but the pic showing the log doesn't show the bark to be very white, so I was unsure.

Thanks for posting. I saved my daughter's first Christmas tree and I was not sure what I could do with it. I had two thoughts... laser engraving and turning some object on a lathe, but I don't have a laser engraver or a lathe...

They are gorgeous, I love the little foxes. Anyone would be pleased to receive one for a Christmas gift.

This project is amazing! I will have to try this. I have a little tree to put in my room too!

1 reply

it's very rewarding to have your own ornaments!

thanks for your comment!

Love your designs. Thanks

Very nice, this is something which I'm going to do with my students! Thank you for sharing.